MC Abra reps D&D at 2013 DJ Times Expo

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August 31, 2013 by denonanddoyle

Your Denon & Doyle MC/DJ plays a huge role on the night of your big event. They set up the equipment, set the tone and atmosphere of the party, and then effortlessly guide you and your guests though a wonderful evening filled with fun and memories. A question we get quite often, though, is what do Denon & Doyle MC’s do when they aren’t exceeding your party expectations? Last week, Abra Annes Sills, one of our most seasoned Mitzvah entertainers, traveled to Atlantic City, NJ to the DJ Times, DJ Expo 2013. While she was ultimately there to network and expand her knowledge of industry trends, she also made a splash by competing for the title of “DJ of the Year.”

Three, long, fun-filled expo days were full of educational seminars, interactive sessions, equipment demos and story swapping. Evenings were reserved for displays of industry talent.

Some of the best and biggest names in the interactive MC industry performed the first two nights. The Expo culminated on Wednesday night when 10 finalists from across North America competed for the title of ‘DJ of the Year’ currated and hosted by Mike Walter of Elite Entertainment. Each entertainer had 10 minutes to ‘show their stuff’ to the crowd and to the elite panel of judges. Competitors showcased a new dance or game and were judged on vocal performance, creativity, and efficacy.

For Abra, the choice of dance vs. game was no real choice at all. “I knew right away that I wanted to do a game,” she explains. “Games are the great equalizer at parties. It doesn’t matter if you came alone, showed up with a huge group of friends, are outgoing or shy. Games break down barriers between people.” Abra competed with her game ‘Tighty Writey’ or, as you may know it, the game with the giant underpants. We know it sounds off the wall, but people of all ages really seem to love it and it definitely creates some wonderful photo opportunities.  “I was nervous about bringing it to the East Coast market because it is a little out there,” Abra admits, “but they loved it!” Although she didn’t take home the trophy, many people came up to Abra after the end of the competition to tell her that they were going to use her game that very weekend. “Knowing that other top MCs were going to use my ideas feels even better than winning,” she says, “Plus, I loved the experience of competing. I met so many wonderful, talented and creative people during this process and got some great new ideas that I can’t wait to use.”

If you’re lucky enough to have Abra MC your next event, you may even see some of those ideas come to life. While she plans on sharing most with her fellow D&D MCs and DJs, she’s keeping a few tricks up her sleeve until November at Denon & Doyle’s annual Entertainer’s Competition. While Abra and her “Varsity” team will come strong in competing for Best New Game, she’s got her sights set on the crown for “MC of the Year.” Those who attended the 2013 DJ Times Expo can certainly vouch for her talent. Here at Denon & Doyle, we are beyond proud of Abra’s accomplishments and are so happy she’s part of our family.


To learn more about Abra and to check out her 60 second video, click here.


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