Spotlight of the Week: Felipe Escobar-Tabitian

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June 21, 2013 by denonanddoyle


If you ask the average Bride & Groom, they would probably acknowledge that being cool under pressure and having a can-do attitude are qualities desired in a DJ. For Felipe Escobar-Tabitian, it’s just another day in the office. We remember one event in particular where Felipe used those qualities to play hero. With about 3 minutes notice, Felipe overheard that the location of the very personal and sentimental slideshow was changing at the very last moment and equipment would have to move. Nevermind the fact that the equipment was a good 5 minute walk from the new location or that it would have to be re-set and also connected to audio. You see, Felipe is a solutions kind of guy. He wasted no time and came up with a fairly clever one with a full four seconds to spare. Perhaps the most impressive part is that Felipe was not even the DJ on that event, he was the photo booth attendant.


“The fun part for me is that I get to learn something new every time I’m on an event,” Felipe explains. It’s that kind of attitude that led Felipe on the path from booth attendant to highly-sought-after-DJ. He definitely paid his dues and he credits those early event experiences for his success as a DJ. He brings a positive energy, charisma, and surprising humor to the table. Not that we ever had reason to doubt, but it did surprise us the first time Felipe dropped a one-liner and had the office busting up. “I like to laugh at the world and at myself,” Felipe reveals, “and just try to squeeze every last drop out of life.” Solutions and smiles. It’s reasons #1 and #1a why Felipe has truly made a home here at Denon & Doyle.



For more information and to check out Felipe’s 60 second video, click here.


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