Spotlight of the Week: Zebra Booth

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May 31, 2013 by denonanddoyle


Zebra Booth

Earlier this week, we had someone call us in an emotion that can only be described as complete and utter giddiness. The conversation went like this, “Thanks for calling Denon & —”  “Oh My Gosh! You guys have a Zebra striped photo booth???? I need it for my party!!!”

While we often find people are excited to have us at their next celebration, this particular call got us thinking about some of our less touted, yet just as awesome, Designer Photo Booths. While we don’t suggest the Zebra booth for every occasion, we do suggest it any time you’re trying to make a statement and create an atmosphere of instant-fun. It’s awesome to finish off the theme with a Black & White Zebra backdrop or a Black & Pink Zebra backdrop, though it does come with all the options you will find with our other booths.

And in case you’re debating whether you should have our Zebra Booth or an actual zebra at your next event, take the following irrefutable facts into consideration.

1)   Zebras weigh up to 770 pounds. Our Zebra Booth is less than half that. Advantage: Booth

2)   Zebras are herbivores that feed almost entirely on readily-available grass. The Zebra Booth only needs a standard circuit to plug into. Advantage: Draw

3)   Attempts at domesticating the Zebra failed due to the unpredictable nature of the animal. The Zebra booth is always a crowd pleaser and leaves you with memories that last a lifetime without the threat of bodily injury. Advantage: BOOTH!

While not as wild as a real zebra, clearly the booth is better suited for your next party. We absolutely LOVE our Zebra booth and just felt it was about time to give it some well-deserved spotlight.

For information on how to book the Zebra Booth, or any of our Photo Entertainment services, visit:


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