Spotlight of the Week: Pop-Up Booth!

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May 24, 2013 by denonanddoyle


Pop-Up Booth

For every problem, there is undoubtedly a solution. The problem we were faced with? Cramming 15 people in a photo booth. The solution we came up with opened up a whole new world of photo booth possibilities. With the Pop-Up Booth, we’ve created a different photo experience with the same high quality photos you’ve come to love in our Classic Photo Booth. With the added interior space, the booth can fit more people and create more opportunities to capture fun moments and memorable poses.

We’ve seen entire bridal parties now able to be in a picture together. Extended family is no match for the Pop-Up Booth. The versatility of this booth makes it so popular for any type of celebration. The structure can even be eliminated to leave you a clean, inconspicuous walk-up style booth that can be used with the party as the backdrop or feature the décor in a venue. We’ve even had some creative clients who designed their own backdrop and used the booth in that walk-up style.

Whatever your photo needs are, the Pop-Up Booth has the answer. We love that it can travel to any venue and look equally great at Weddings and backyard barbeques. You’ll love that it creates moments that will be captured and relived for years to come.

For more information on our Pop-Up Booth and all of our Photo Entertainment services, just visit:


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