DJ Spotlight of the Week: Chad Grissom

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May 17, 2013 by denonanddoyle

chad DJ pic

There are people who play music and then there are DJs. There are DJs who make announcements and then there are MCs. There are MCs who sound good on the microphone and then there is Chad Grissom.

The smooth bass that radiates from his deep yet crisp voice is something to behold. He has been known to use that secret weapon to quell potential arguments with his much better half (his words, not ours). He’s also utilized that voice to wind down his 3 crazy kids (again, his words) with a smoothly told bedtime story or book. He savors those moments with his loved ones because he understands how precious they are. Years spent working graveyard shifts at the local steel mill and equally late nights every Saturday as a DJ have given him a unique life perspective and the understanding that hard work pays off.


If you ask him how he chooses to relax, you’ll be surprised to find out how active he stays with his family. Sure he’ll kick his feet up and catch a Chiefs game when they’re on, but he would rather chase around his little ones or plan a date night (you can pretty much guarantee his attendance at any Clint Eastwood film/project) with Teisha, his wife and personal calendar. Seeing that he sleeps when most people work (and vice-versa), D&D has found Teisha is often the best way to reach Chad and we are certainly thankful for her efforts. “She’s theglue that keeps my life together,” he humbly admits. Chad loves that he gets to re-kindle the love in his life at each wedding he is a part of. It keeps it fresh for him, even after the thousands of events under his belt. So do the events he considers “out of the ordinary.” Like his Halloween wedding where everyone, including himself, was dressed up in costume. Or when he DJ’d a wedding selected for the hit show, “Four Weddings.”

As awesome as he is in playing every genre or to any crowd out there, Chad knows he is often requested from his voice alone. chad and me at reunion2011#2He’s cool with that and responds tongue-in-cheek, “I’d rather be requested because of my good looks, but, hey, my voice is pretty cool, too.”

Please click here to watch our 60 second interview with Chad!


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