Spotlight of the Week: DJ James Pretti

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May 10, 2013 by denonanddoyle

_MG_7863The idea of a one-man band sounds impressive, but let’s be honest, it’s also kind of corny. The image of one person with a bunch of instruments strapped to their body just seems clunky and, well, not cool. Which is why James Pretti opted for a much cooler means of accomplishing the same objective – becoming a DJ. After learning his 5th instrument (piano, clarinet, guitar, drums, bass), James was intrigued at the idea of playing them all at the same time. He wisely decided to not go the one-man band route since being a DJ seemed like the perfect answer. He picked it up quickly, and was juiced the first time he was able to play a song that he himself produced. He saw his work coming to life, and, in the process, saw the same reaction in those on the dance floor.

_MG_7844newNowadays, he produces that reaction every week at his events. His versatility makes him a hit at Weddings and youth events alike. The crowds love him because he mixes different genres of music with ease. Brides love him because he is that steady rock when it seems like the sky is falling. He has a calmness in his demeanor that helps remind you that everything is going to be OK. And it will be, if James is your DJ. He’s turned lemons into champagne time and time again. Like the wedding where the groom left the slideshow DVD at home. Worried about ruining a magical moment and letting his new bride down, the groom turned to James. Without panicking or pointing fingers, James calmly sought out solutions. He found one, only it required that he MacGuyver cabling to get it to play from his laptop through the projector that was on the opposite side of the room. Simply put, he made it happen, and you never saw him sweat. Better yet, nobody even knew there was an issue, not even the bride.

0010That can-do attitude has served him well in the many hats he wears for D&D. Some of his favorite events include working for Pixar, Estee Lauder (at her private residence, mind you), and your Golden State Warriors. “Being able to share special moments and celebrate with so many people is equally exciting and humbling. I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” he says. We asked him if DJ’ing is easier than playing an instrument. His response? “I wouldn’t say it’s easier, but it’s certainly cooler.”

Click here to find out more about DJ James!

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