Spotlight of the Week: Vintage Photo Booth

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May 3, 2013 by denonanddoyle


Close your eyes for a second. Picture you and your friends or loved ones hanging out at the Boardwalk. The cool ocean breeze, the salt in the air, the anticipation of all the fun that awaits. How would you like to capture that moment over and over? The Vintage Photo Booth takes the nostalgia of those memories and upgrades them to fit the times. A top-tier, commercially made Photo Booth, the Vintage has an out-of-this world entertainment value.


Not only does it give you the same commercial quality prints as our other booths, but it comes standard with the option to record video messages (trust us, these only get more comical as the night wears on) as well as an external monitor displaying a rolling slideshow of all the photos taken.

Some of you may be wondering, “Hey, I remember you guys having these booths but haven’t seen them on your website for several months. What’s the deal with that?” Well, you, the astute (and dare we say, stalker-ish?) visitor of, are correct! We took our Vintage Booth (the first booth we ever acquired years before photo booths were all the rage) and did a complete overhaul this winter. We made major upgrades (shout out to Nate and Parry for masterminding this project) so it would deliver the same high quality results that the rest of our photo booths do. We love the result, and know you will, too.

Please click here for more information on our Vintage Photo Booth.


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