Spotlight of the Week: DJ John Sanabria

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April 27, 2013 by denonanddoyle


Growing up in a household where you were prepared to hear anything from Motown to Pink Floyd come through the stereo has a certain effect on your musical prowess. For D&D’s newest addition, it was foreshadowing the future. Meet John-Carlos Sanabria, though he’s fine with just John. You may know him as DJ Dynamo. The odds of running into him over the years are pretty good, considering he’s played virtually every hot venue in the Bay Area over the last decade. Working in various clubs around the Bay (he lost count after 100) has bolstered a music repertoire that was extensive from the start. He’s unique in that those experiences are just a part of what he does. From weddings to corporate events, he does it all.

We can’t help but wonder if it was the early musical influence from his parents that made


him so diverse as DJ; that gave him not only the ability, but the desire to play to every type

of crowd. Whatever the reason, John’s made a habit of being well balanced. By day, he’s a sci-fi geek (just watch him rattle off the 10 books he is reading at any one time, not to mention the thousands of movies he owns); by night, he’s that insanely cool DJ who’s got the crowd in the palm of his hand. Swag, is what the kids call it.

When his hands aren’t putting together a fun mix of music, they’re taking stuff apart. Cars, computers, etc. While he’s usually doing so to make upgrades or to fix something, it’s often just for fun. “It’s one of those gratifying things because you can see each stage of accomplishment as you put it back together,” he explains. And just as you would expect any well-balanced person to be, John is a family man. While his youth is definitely marked by 602321_276382972481061_245435483_nmusic, sports, and the usual family outings, some of his fondest memories come from all the “outdoorsy things” he’s done with his family over the years. “It’s awesome to turn your phone off and connect with your loved ones in a natural, and sometimes wilderness, setting like that,” says the Brentwood native, “it definitely made us closer as a unit.”

We’re excited to introduce him to all of you and are glad he’s now part of the D&D family.


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