Spotlight of the Week: DJ Tim Phelps

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April 12, 2013 by denonanddoyle


It is entirely possible that the man known as The Timmer can perform your entire wedding for you. I mean the ENTIRE thing. From officiating the ceremony (he’s done that) to playing live music during cocktail hour (guitar, piano, etc., etc.) to coordinating the reception, MC’ing the entire event, and last but certainly not least, rocking the dance floor. Just don’t be surprised if you plan your Napa Wedding after-party and walk into the club to find Timmy behind the decks until the sun finally rises (no, seriously).

He can do it all, and has been asked to perform multiple roles at weddings in the past. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the times where he wasn’t even asked to do it all, it was just the right thing. Like a wedding in Tilden Park where the power went out (eeeek). Without electricity, what’s a DJ to do? Well for this DJ, it was as simple as jumping on the piano and playing some tunes to keep the guests entertained as the power situation got resolved. As cocktail hour progressed, Timmy grabbed his guitar and strolled through the picturesque outdoor setting, much to the delight of the guests and the newlyweds. The bride’s only complaint was that the power eventually DID come back on because she didn’t want her strolling guitarist to stop playing. She got over it quickly when Timmy got the dance floor packed shortly thereafter.

We have to also mention the time at Marine’s Memorial where the hired ceremony musicians2009_12212009cabo0252 never showed. Yikes! Without hesitating, The Timmer grabbed that famed guitar of his and played Pachelbel’s Canon straight from memory just in time for the Bride’s Processional. When the ceremony was finally over, the bride made a B-line straight to Timmy and give him a big hug and an even bigger thank you. It was perhaps the first time a DJ was thanked so sincerely BEFORE the contracted start time.

We’re proud to book him for all your DJ needs. For everything else, you’ll have to contact the Timmer yourself.


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