Spotlight of the Week: Wireless LED Uplights

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March 30, 2013 by denonanddoyle


While nobody has seen them in many years, there are rumors of “corded” telephones still in existence in the Bay Area. Our question is simple: why? Especially when it’s clear that wireless technology makes the telephone more mobile, more convenient, cleaner (no wires to trip over) and, frankly, much cooler to be seen with. We took the same principle and applied it to our décor lighting. Our Wireless LED Uplights are the smart phone of the lighting industry, so to speak. They are battery operated so they can literally be placed anywhere in the venue. They can even go underneath a table with white linen or other furniture to create a glow perfectly matching the color scheme in the rest of the room. Even better, there are no cables to tape down which not only eliminates a potential safety hazard, but looks way cleaner.

Maybe the coolest aspect of our wireless lights are that they transmit a wireless signal to each other. In simple terms, it means we can change the color of your entire room with the CLICK of a button. Imagine a cool blue during cocktail hour, (CLICK) then a warm tone during dinner. As we progress into the party, (CLICK) we can even make the lights sound sensitive to the beat of the music and infuse some extra energy into the dance floor. This amazing technology gives your event more than just an accent color, it provides a full show.

Please click here to see a video demonstration!


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