Spotlight of the Week: DJ Jon Higgins

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March 22, 2013 by denonanddoyle

2168_1021102813382_9197_n Growing up in Concord, Jon gained an appreciation for the Bay Area way of life. Which is why he decided to come back once he honored his commitment to his country in the U.S. Air Force. Sure, the time spent away played an integral role in the man he is today, but he knew he would find his way back home eventually. When he did return, we lucked out that Jon was still interested in coming back to work for us. It was the same old Jon, just stronger, faster, smarter, wiser, and with more facial hair. Ok, so maybe it wasn’t the same old Jon, but his love for DJ’ing never changed and we’re thankful for that. It’s a love he had before he came to D&D and he’s got his family to thank for it.


It was sneaking into a club years ago (we don’t mean sneaking in as in not wanting to pay,but sneaking as in being entirely too young to enter legally) to watch his big brother DJ that got him hooked. Seeing how the music affected people’s energy and emotions was an immediate draw for Jon, who has now had his turn in the club circuit. When asked who the better DJ is, him or his brother, Jon (without any hesitation) answered, “Oh, absolutely ME.”564121_10151072658307269_91786523_n You won’t get any argument from those who’ve seen him in action or heard him on the radio, except from his brother, of course.

While he may still make the occasional appearance as a guest club DJ, his demand in the Wedding and Bar/Bat Mitzvah markets have grown each year he has been back in the Bay Area. “Being able to bring that same flair and energy of a club to Weddings and private parties all over the Bay has been so much fun,” Jon admits, “and more and more people tend to want that element when we get deep into the dancing portion of the night.”

250808_175927235794815_1134949_nHe’s even had several couples referred to him from seeking out a DJ that can spin on vinyl, a request he happily obliges whenever possible. “Spinning on vinyl is like eating at a gourmet restaurant. Once you’ve done it, nothing else really measures up,” he explains. To that, we simply say: Bon Appetit.


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