Spotlight of the Week: DJ Richard Baines

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March 14, 2013 by denonanddoyle

IMG_6009We know what you’re thinking. Is this the DJ or the ring bearer? While he may have a baby face, this mid-twenty-something has the pedigree of a seasoned veteran. From his first event with us years ago, it was clear that Richard had a sense of the moment and no fear of the microphone. I guess it’s no surprise that someone who flies planes and navigates through goo (that’s pilot slang for bad weather) is never phased by “land problems.” Staying composed as a DJ is rather simple for a guy who is used to making adjustments in the air on the fly (pun unashamedly intended).

Other fun facts about this all-of-a-sudden-not-so-young man? He works with and mentors teens at his church. He complains about, but secretly loves when he has to watch his sister’s tiny 5-pound Maltese. He has tried virtually every sport & outdoor activity he can

think of. He lists the San Francisco Giants and the St. Mary’s Gaels as his two favorite teams to watch (for Richard, this means attending as many home games as humanly possible, not just camping out in front of the TV). His favorite band of all time is Blink 182, followed closely by Boston and Dave Matthews.


His motivation when DJ’ing a wedding? “I try to remember that this is the most important day in their lives so far. You can’t do it over. It has to be perfect. I take that seriously and really try to do everything I can to make sure everyone has a great time, especially the bride & groom.” Spoken like someone wise beyond their years.

Click here to see what Richard would do if he won the Lottery and what 3 items he would take to a deserted island!


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