Spotlight of the Week: DJ Ed Combong

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March 7, 2013 by denonanddoyle

p8x9v9UEAYAQytfm7GbuIlLRjxGL5yIKjrqPO9V5a-s%2C63IxfvrxqGNJ65ucqwAmuLxe5h4KL30qX4R1CWN5Vh4%2Cgejqfqqs-hsjYT0bV_pDOeV-eOOhpBh_C7t4rhHWirw%2C7kHj17jrj0dy50Qt1dT5Za20JT8fyxvSkLvR0PHnxcsHere’s the thing. To be really good at this job, you have to love it. That sounds obvious, but Ed’s love and passion goes beyond that. He’s the guy who will grab his wife and be the first in line to see Peter Cetera (of the group, Chicago) one night, and then drop a Hip-Hop freestyle the next night. His love for music is truly all-encompassing and comes from a place that’s as pure as the art itself. The instruments he plays and the music he personally produces simply serves as more proof.

The only thing he loves more than music is his family. Again, that sounds obvious, but you should see the way he lights up when he talks about them. His wife, Theresa, is his biggest fan and his best friend. Just don’t go telling all that best friend business to their dog, Ryu,who has gotten used to being number one. A lifestyle of being pampered and spoiled, (which, of course, includes regular scenic walks all around the Bay Area) more than most people do to their two-legged children, has made sharing Ed with others a little tough on the pup. We can’t blame him.


When it comes down to it, Ed just wants to spread the love he feels to those around him. Brides, grooms, and party people everywhere can attest to this as pure truth. We love that we get to experience it first hand week in and week out. Everyone at D&D knows that when Ed is around, you have to quickly get yourself physically ready to say hello or risk pulling a muscle. The movements required to give Ed a handshake qualify as anaerobic exercise. The amount of facial musculature needed to match Ed’s smile stretches the limit of human photocapacity. It’s all love, though. We’re more than happy to put in some gym time to be around a dude who helps us all recapture the love we have for music, and the love we have for this job.


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