History of the Wedding Cake


October 31, 2012 by denonanddoyle

The Wedding Cake is not only just a tasty dessert, but also a symbol of love and commitment! As Wedding DJs, we have a short script on the history of this tradition that we often read as the couples are getting ready to cut the cake (we find that it helps with the awkward pause that your guests experience while the bride and groom are being posed by the photographer).

Did you know that there was a history behind the cake? Would you want this read at your reception? Let us know!!

History of the Wedding Cake

Ladies and Gentlemen there are many time honored traditions held at Wedding Receptions that have been passed down through the centuries and one of them is the Wedding Cake. As you can see (groom’s name) & (bride’s name) are standing before their beautiful Wedding Cake and in a moment I’m going to ask them to cut the cake, but before they do I’d like to share the history of the Wedding Cake with you.

A long time ago, before rings were given and vows were said a man and woman were not one until the sharing of bread. But as times changed, the bread did to, it grew size and sweetness and came in every hue.

So (groom’s name) & (bride’s name) as you cut your cake today, let it be your bread. May your life together be colored with happiness, May your love for one another be layered with respect and consideration and may your future years be as sweet as the icing on the cake.

Bread for her, Bread for him
may your light of love never dim.



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