How to Change your Name after your Wedding

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September 28, 2012 by denonanddoyle

We recently had a bride ask us the steps to changing her name, so we have put together a “To Do” list for the state of California. Good Luck! 
  1. Have a copy of your marriage certificate mailed to you or pick one up at a marriage license office (usually the same one where you turned in the filled out marriage license after the wedding). You can ask your officiant for more details on exactly how to receive an official copy of the certificate.
  2. Go to your local Social Security Office (click here to find your local office) and provide them your marriage certificate, and either a driver’s license/ID AND birth certificate, OR just your passport. Attached below is a form that you must fill out and bring along with above documents. After your form is turned in, please allow up to 2 weeks for your new Social Security Card to be delivered.
  3. Visit you local DMV(click here to find your local office) to have your name changed on your driver’s license. Bring your marriage certificate, and make sure that your name has been changed with Social Security PRIOR to your visit (they will verify you name with Social Security before issuing a new license). You will also be required to fill out a DL 44 when you get to the office (this form is not provided online because each one has a unique serial number) and pay a driver’s license fee.
  4. If you need to change your name on your vehicle’s registration, please submit your certificate of title with your correct name printed in the “New Registered Owner” section, along with the form attached below. This can also be done at your local DMV office.
  5. Talk with your employer about having your name changed on your paycheck, health insurance, etc.
  6. Contact your bank to have your name changed on your accounts & credit cards (You can search “Your bank’s name name change” for instructions & required documents specific to your bank).
  7. When you get a chance, tackle the less important “B-List” of places where your name needs to be changed (utilities, internet, phone bills, magazine subscriptions, etc.) by either calling in to their customer service or logging on to your online account.
  8. For information on changing your passport, click here. For information on Voter Registration, click here (you must re-register if you have legally changed your name).

Please click here for: Social Security Form and Vehicle Registration Form


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